Thursday, 12 November 2009

Poetry corner - in memoriam, Tom Levitt MP*

So. Farewell
Then Tom Levitt.

So I think
You made
Right decision.

You were
That if Mr Kelly's proposals were implemented
You would not get a good

So indeed
Probably time to get out!

E Jarvis Thribb (age 17 ½)

*we're very pleased that an avid reader of this blog sent in a pastiche of the well known Poetry Corner poems that regularly appear in Private Eye.


  1. Given Levitt's 'bed-blocking' character as MP will we notice when the bastard finally goes?

  2. Could things be any worse
    Then a Levitt inspired verse
    It really is rather dire
    But at least he's got his hairdryer.

    The expenses revelations have left him floored
    Unlike his new skirting boards
    Not to mention his new sofa bed
    A place to lay his hairless head.

    Into the sunset he goes
    Labour too in it's death throes
    Lies, wars and shame
    Got away with paying no tax for capital gain.

    Levitt has a special place in out hearts
    A good kick to his private parts
    Should put him on the straight and narrow
    As he fucks off into the night, pension money in a wheelbarrow.

    I always knew you were a twat
    With my money you grew rather fat
    Your policies and pronouncements were just tat
    And we'll always despise you for that.

    So goodbye Tom, obscurity awaits
    A lonely life with no mates
    The people have spoken and said enough
    It's time to fuck off, ain't life tough?

  3. At least I can put that egg back in the fridge!