Monday, 25 October 2010

Levitt promotes 'Making Allowance' play on BBC Radio 4

After we wrote the last post, we discovered that Tom Levitt had actually appeared on BBC Radio 4's 'The World Tonight' last week to promote his forthcoming play 'Making Allowance'. We've managed to make a recording of the audio for posterity, and it can be heard along with a transcript of the interview by clicking the 'read more' button below.

During the interview, we learn that the play is to be held on two nights, Thursday 4th and Friday 5th November, with the latter date being obviously particularly appropriate - and no doubt intended by Levitt.

Predictably, Levitt labours on the poppy wreath claim - it's his usual trick to distract us from the claims for the greedy refurbishment of his flat, or the tax dodge which allowed him to pocket thousands, or even the athlete's foot-treating hairdryer. And whilst the presenter, Roger Hearing, takes him to task about the over-claim for mortgage costs, the whole sorry saga is nowhere near covered.

Levitt is clearly deeply wounded by this whole affair, to the extent that he can't help but return to the subject, and he stills feels that he has somehow been wronged. Roger Hearing is quite right to point out how disgusting this looks, at a time when millions of people are facing extreme financial hardship, redundancy, and distress.

Like we said in our last post, is there any reason why Levitt can't put on his play in his home town? We'd love to cover the play, but we're not prepared to spend money travelling down to London at short notice to heckle and give the audience more information - which we gladly do if this farce was staged closer to home.

We expect the audience will be composed largely of Levitt's peers and fellow MPs, which is entirely apt, since they are probably the only group of people who will have a shred of sympathy. Let's hope Levitt's 15 minutes of fame - after several months of infamy - is finally up.

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Levitt's expenses play 'Making Allowance' to be staged in London

You may remember that back in March of this year, the Telegraph featured a story about Tom Levitt's plans for a radio play about the expenses scandal. We've heard nothing since.

But we've been passed news that the play has been converted to the stage. This press release popped into our inbox the other day, and here's the text:

Notes on a scandal
Meanwhile, a former Labour MP who stepped down at the last election is now trying his hand at a bit of theatre.
Tom Levitt served as MP for High Peak from 1997 to 2009 and was caught up in the MPs’ expenses scandal - accused of claiming for a mortgage, a fitted kitchen and a poppy wreath.
He has now decided to tell his own version of events by putting pen to paper and creating a play, Making Allowance, in which he will also star. It is being staged for two nights at the New Diorama Theatre in central London and promises to reveal the “fascinating and revelatory tale behind one of the most infamous chapters in recent British Parliamentary history”.

Yes, you read that right - Levitt is planning to star in the play. Will there be a part for his wife Teresa? A look at the theatre's website shows that the play has yet to appear in their schedule - though there is a play called 'The Robbers' which would surely be a more appropriate title.

We're keen to hear from anyone who is willing and able to attend and provide a review for the site.

Of course, the question needs to be asked - why is Levitt not staging this play in venues in his former constituency? We're sure the people of High Peak would give him an appropriate welcome at the Buxton Opera House or the Partington Theatre.

Months later, and Levitt is milking his notoriety of this whole affair...