Tuesday, 13 October 2009

What's in Levitt's 'Legg Letter'?

Several months have gone by since this website ran a story about Tom Levitt's expenses. To a certain extent, the website reflected wider coverage in the media, and as Parliament wound up for the Summer, the debate moved elsewhere. In truth, the local press avoided putting difficult questions to Levitt, and Levitt himself did the least amount possible to hold himself up to scrutiny, as you'd expect of any politician.

But as you may have by now noticed, the issue has now come onto the agenda again with the audit of MPs' expenses by Sir Thomas Legg. All MPs received a letter yesterday concerning their Additional Cost Allowance claims for the past 5 years - some were exonerated, some asked to repay monies which Legg adjudged to have breached new limits he had applied retrospectively (which seems to be causing a lot of ire amongst MPs), and other have been asked for more information to aid further investigation. In addition, MPs will have also received emails about their mortgage claims.

But so far, there's silence from Levitt. Readers may remember how hasty he was to explain himself back in May when the Telegraph tuned the spotlight on his expenses. If he gets a clean bill of health from Legg, you'd expect him to shout it from the rooftops shortly. Either way, the last thing Levitt needs at the moment is further attention on his expenses in the run up to the General Election next year.

In the meantime, it's worth watching this page on the Times website which will update with information about all MPs' interactions with Legg as and when the information is obtained by them.

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