Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Levitt's not 'Leggless' - but his lips are sealed

Tom Levitt has issued the briefest of press releases today regarding his 'Legg letter':
Tom Levitt MP has made the following statement in the light of press interest in the latest developments of the Legg enquiry on MPs' expenses:

"Like every other MP I have received a letter from Sir Thomas Legg. It is a letter which invites discussion on certain issues, it is not a bill to be paid as some parts of the press would have us believe. I will be replying to this private correspondence in due course."
So there we are then. It's a 'private matter', and none of our business. One thing is clear - he's not exonerated, otherwise he'd be telling the world he's got a clean bill of health. So either he has been asked to repay something, or been asked for more information - tell us what you think it will be in our new poll, top right of the blog.

Back in a June Column for local newspaper*s, Levitt commented about his contituent's concerns thus:
...people want to be kept informed of developments in the issues that interest them. They have a right to be told.
He also said this in another column in the same month**:
those MPs who have done most to bring our role into disrepute will not be forgiven easily
Does this mean that Tom Levitt thinks it is reputable to seek forgiveness by publishing his expenses details online in June, but now to withhold further information? Is that not completely disreputable?

Either way, he hasn't escaped unscathed. Will the local press make an issue of it? Or will they give him an easy ride, as they did during the summer? Watch this space.

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1 comment:

  1. A 'private matter' - but it's public money we're talking about. As for the local press giving him a hard time, that's a joke.

    I was at one of his happy clappy meetings earlier this year and he couldn't tell us quickly enough why he needed a hairdryer yet the first time he's been properly put under the cosh, he clams up.

    He's a disgrace, they all are regardless of party and they still can't understand the anger and the apathy it's creating.

    It's these cretins that let the BNP et al in, not the electorate.

    He is to be despised.