Friday, 29 May 2009

Mrs Levitt jokes about expenses claims

The keen observer will notice that Tom Levitt is making a big public effort to face up to his critics and is frantically spinning as fast as he can: on his website, in the press, even on High Peak Radio.

But whilst there's plenty to comment about in all of this, we thought you'd like to see what Mrs Teresa Levitt - Tom's wife and PA (i.e. we pay her wages) - is saying about the whole thing. 

She's making light of it, and in public too - see below.
The above image is a grab of Tom's facebook page, and shows an exchange of views about his claim revelations. Note how Teresa Levitt sees the funny side of of it all - she'd hate to polish Gold. Perhaps they should take a leaf out of The Tory MP John Butterfill's book and employ a servant to do all that cleaning?

Note: since we posted this blog, Tom's facebook page has had comments removed from public view.

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  1. Why has the deselection poll been closed? It should run until he is deselected.