Wednesday, 20 May 2009

High Peak people are *very* angry

The media has been reporting such epithets all week long, but a taster for the anger can be sampled in the comments left underneath Tom Levitt's confessional* on his website:

I am now at the point where i dont ever want to vote again as it doesnt matter want you say or offer you are in it for you and you alone.

you make the whole expenses thing sound like your all amateurs and dont know what your doing with your own papaerwork so how can you run a country

why hasn't your voting record been strongly in favour of transparency? See:

I find your aatempts to defend the indefensible quite breathtaking. this is the first time I have been driven to comment but I feel as if I have been taken for a ride by MPs who appear at best to have been content to let the status quo prevail

I understand that you employ your wife as your Parliamentary Assistant.Is she the best person you could have got for the job or is this nepotism?

Oh dear, there is no other piece on Levitt's website which has received such a response. Indeed, by comparison, it's hard to find so many comments on local newspaper websites on any topic you choose to mention. If this is a sample of the ire being aimed at Tom, he may need protecting at his next 'surgery'.

*when this link no longer works, try this screen grab

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